“Firstly, I want to thank the teachers and everyone at EduNation Malaysia for creating such a wonderful website and free tuition for students like me. All your methods and simple notes was really useful, especially for Sejarah.”

“Because I’m in boarding school, I don’t have much time to watch all the videos on EduNation. However, the two subjects that are difficult for me is Sejarah and Physics. I always get Cs or Ds in these subjects. But, thanks to watching EduNation videos, I finally got an A- for Physics.”

“I really recommend EduNation to SPM students because in my opinion, it is the best education site! If you have a hard time understanding in class, then you can catch up with videos. What’s even better is you can watch it repeatedly until you understand a topic. Apart from tuition, you can also revise here through the #IAmRajinChallenge program while studying.”

“My advice for students is, if you don’t understand something, don’t be shy to ask. Keep praying.”

Nur Izzah Inarah Binti Sahidan, 9As, SMK Agama Kuala Selangor. 


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