“In school, the best I used to score for Chemistry is a ‘C’ and I never passed Accounts. Upon watching EduNation’s videos, I scored an A for Chemistry and a B+ for Accounts for SPM. I recommend EduNation to anyone sitting for major examinations as the content is well structured and if you’ve missed anything, you can replay and watch it again. With EduNation, you can study anytime and anywhere you want.

“For SPM students, my best advice is to understand a topic instead of memorizing. If you face any difficulties answering questions, use your imagination and you might score some marks, this is especially true for Sejarah. When watching EduNation’s videos, make use of the speed function on YouTube. I usually do a 2x speed for last minute studying.”

Lee, scored 8A’s for SPM and is currently pursuing his A Levels. Upon completion, he plans to study engineering in a university in Germany.

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