“The videos I used on EduNation are for the science subjects that I took. The videos specified the subjects by chapters and topics and this makes it easier to use as a platform for students to study. Using EduNation, subjects like Physics are easier for me to understand as the contents are simple yet complete.

“I would recommend EduNation to young students out there who will be going through SPM this year. This is because EduNation worked on me so I guess it would work for other students as well. It would lighten the burden of you having to read hundreds of pages. ”

“My advice for SPM students is to do a lot of practice and revisions. You must also have faith in God. Next, you must be flexible and help your friends if they need your help. You must be diligent to get consultation from your teachers from time to time to sharpen your knowledge.

Nur Syafiqah binti Abu Bakar, Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh, 9A’s for SPM 2016

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