Hello Esteemed Teachers!

Since December 2014, EduNation has pledged to gather a community of teachers every first Saturday of the month to share problems and find possible solutions on different topics relating to their classroom challenges. This is in hopes of supporting teachers in their teaching practice and to help them transform their classrooms in order to make the much-needed positive dent on the Malaysian education system.

This month, as we start off the New Year when students are most likely to be in a daze, daydreaming and reminiscing about their amazing end year holiday, we figured it is an opportune moment to tackle one of teachers’ most worrying issue: How do we improve student participation in class?

During this three-hour session, teachers were asked to express their challenges with students’ participation in class and brainstorm solutions together. Much were discussed, many challenges were brought up, and many solutions were suggested.

We came up with a compilation video to summarize the day’s discussions, so we will let the video do the talking… Sit back and enjoy!

If you think this has helped you, pay it forward by sharing this with your friends and colleagues and join us at our next Teacher’s Community of Practice meet up! For further information and updates, check out our online teacher’s community site: http://tcop.edunation.my


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