Congratulations to the students in EduNation’s i-Teach programme in SMK Pendamaran Jaya for successfully organising ReChange_ed last Saturday! True to the values emphasised in the i-Teach peer coaching and soft skills training programme, these students aimed to educate their fellow schoolmates on the 13th Global Goal: Climate Action through this event, and we could definitely see them applying the soft skills learned. From ideating the event, engaging internal and external support, facilitating participant discussions and games, to conducting a post-mortem at the end of the event, these students ran the whole show with very minimal help from teachers. We are so proud of their initiative, enthusiasm and effort, and especially that of the team leader, Shahril, and we look forward to what they are capable of achieving in the future! 🙂

We would also like to thank the MCII – Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative for supporting our programme and YTL FrogAsia for sponsoring our students’ participation in the Leaps of Knowledge event, from which our students got their inspiration.

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