Haris bin Huda“The SPM seminar by EduNation was really helpful because it was full of tips from experienced teachers. They really help us to understand the crucial topics and techniques to answer questions. I think it’s amazing that there are these efforts from companies like EduNation to help SPM candidates. The courses, teachers, videos and worksheets will be really helpful for those who want to get splendid results in SPM.

“My advice for future SPM students is to finish all your homework and respect your teachers. In the end, if you work hard in your studies and pay attention when your teachers is teaching, it would be beneficial for you. If you are someone like me who play games like Dota 2 or others, just make sure to manage your time really well. I cannot really say you should stop because for different students, they have different reasons to play games online. But for those who play just for fun and did not get any benefit from it, I would like to encourage to stop playing around and focus on your studies first, at least for a year. After that, you can play as much as you want. I was fortunate to get 7As and I’m really thankful all my efforts paid off. “

Muhamad Haris bin Huda , Victoria Institution , 7As 2Bs 1C

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