Untitled“I used EduNation’s videos for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I also went for the SPM seminar at Brickfields Asia College. These videos helped me understand the subject especially for Chemistry since I used to fail it when I was in Form 4. The Seminar was also fun, especially for Physics and Chemistry and I got an A for Physics.”

“I recommend EduNation to SPM students, especially those who are active with co-curriculum activities at school and you might have to miss a few classes. EduNation can help you keep up-to-date with your subjects. I had to miss a month of classes because of extra curricular activities and failed my Chemistry and Add Maths. However, thanks to EduNation, I managed to catch up with work.

“My most useful tip would be to watch EduNation’s videos, go for their seminars and do a lot of past year exam questions. If you really cannot understand anything, you can meet your teachers and study with your friends to help each other. Last but not least, don’t forget to pray to our Lord.

Fatin Adila, SMK Batu Muda, 5A4B 

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