“I dropped out of school since 2007 but last year, I wanted to take my SPM. My dream is to become a 3D Animator in the film industry and to do so, I require a diploma which I could only apply for if I had my SPM. So, the whole of last year, I spent time learning at home from different websites including EduNation. I scored 1A and 4Bs for my SPM and I am now pursuing my studies in 3D Animation at Kolej Komuniti Teluk Intan, Perak.”

“With EduNation, I could pace out my studying and exercises depending on my ability to understand a topic. What worked best for me is that I can hit the replay button whenever I was having trouble understanding something. The Q&A sessions during the seminar is extremely helpful to answer questions that I couldn’t find the answers myself. The teachers always try to answer it to the best of their ability. They won’t leave you confused with a vague answer.”

“Most of the time, people often assume that students who dropout of school cannot achieve anything. But, you can prove them wrong with your results. This is not an easy feat but it is not impossible. One of the ways I keep myself motivated is to reward myself with a snack or something whenever I answer a question correctly. It is also important not to rely on targeted questions and instead, try to master all the chapters.



“Whatever you do, don’t give up. People would love watching you fail but do not give them the pleasure. Instead, do your best because you can!”

“I am now 1 step closer to achieve my dreams thanks to EduNation. My sincere thanks also goes out to all the EduNation teachers who have helped me, especially Cikgu Saad and Cikgu Shahriza. EduNation, please do not stop doing whatever you’re doing now because you’re helping a lot of people like me. I am grateful I found your website.”

Ahmad, EduNation user since 2015 and a proud success story for EduNation

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