“When I was Form Four, I missed out on several chapters as I was moving to 13592243_1025114344270986_5950296126583238208_na different school. Watching EduNation’s videos helped me to cover all the content I’ve missed and catch up with what is going on in class. I also watched the SPM Seminar online and this helped me to learn tips and techniques to answer questions.

“For students who cannot afford to go for tuition, you should watch EduNation as you can watch it all for free and even download notes. I think students should take advantage of this free solution and use it to help them do better in school. For me, I believe, if you want to do well in school, you must understand a topic well and do as much exercises as you can. Wake up early to revise and pray a lot!”

“Never give up on your education. These days, we have to compete to get scholarships and places in universities; therefore, you must put in the extra effort to be the best. Use all of your time in school to learn and don’t be afraid to look nerdy. Once you get the results, it will all be worth it.

Syamila Hanani Bt. Azlan, SMK Banting, now under a Maybank scholarship pursing A Levels. Syamila aspires to study Accounting and Finance in the United Kingdom. She scored 10As in her SPM examination.


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