Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Abad ke-21? Boleh ke?

Setelah melatih sekolah yang ke-9, guru yang ke-444 serta peserta yang ke-666. Ada macam-macam yang kami belajar dari mereka. Di sini kami kongsikan sedikit pengalaman. 1. Sebenarnya ramai guru secara tidak language telah menggunakan teknik pengajaran abad ke-21 atau secara tidak langsung Blended Learning di dalam kelas mereka. Contohnya seperti penggunaan Kahoot di handphone dan Chromebooks yang membolehkan para pelajar mengeksplorasi teknologi secara sendiri dan menyeronokkan, penggunaan Chromebook bagi mencari maklumat dan dibentangkan di dalam kelas dan sebagainya. 2. Pembelajaran menggunakan teknologi lebih popular dikalangan guru-guru sekolah menengah berbanding sekolah rendah, tetapi bagi…continue reading →

Bengkel Blended Learning oleh EduNation Malaysia

Pada 6 Februari 2017, EduNation telah menjalankan bengkel Blended Learning bersama sekumpulan pelajar dan/atau sukarelawan NGO (ada doktor, ada yang pelajar genetik, ada pelajar bahasa German, ada pelajar pengajian islam, ada bakal akauntan, ada tutor dll) . Banyak benda yang ktorg(di EduNation) dapat belajar daripada peserta2 hari tu di samping berkeupayaan untuk berkongsi ilmu dengan diorg. Sesi dibahagikan kepada 3 bahagian; pengenalan kepada Blended Learning, aktiviti dalam kumpulan dan pembentangan serta sesi maklum balas. Sesi berlangsung selama 3 jam lebih tanpa rehat (ikutkan 4 jam tapi sesi mula lambat dan kena habis cepat).…continue reading →

June 2015- Student discipline- are you kidding me?

“Disciplinary problems are rampant. It goes beyond the school walls and safety of our homes. The world is so connected, it may also allow victims of e-bullying susceptible anywhere and everywhere. The key is to address such issues formally, and with support from various stakeholders, we can build a better community- essentially, a safe learning environment for our children.” - The Edunation peeps 6 June, Petaling Jaya- We have gathered to speak about student discipline, which may seem more complicated than it is at the facade. The acts of rebellious may be a…continue reading →

May 2015- The art of getting-techy in classroom (despite having limited resources!)

“ Technology is advancing at the speed of light; it has impact every facet of our lives. It help us get things done more effectively. If technology exists to increase our efficiency output, why are we not tapping on our student’s love for gadgetry and games in learning?” - The Edunation peeps 2 May, Petaling Jaya- Fellow Malaysians, we hear you- loud and clear! Yes, weak infrastructure and lack of resources may be a hindrance to a fully functional digital learning experience, but there are ways around it! We are sure of it.…continue reading →

TCOP April 2015: How to Inspire Change in Your Workplace

On 4th April 2015, we had our 5th Teacher's Community of Practice meet up discussing on the topic 'How to Inspire Change in Your Workplace'. We were privileged to have Francis Jee, an experienced trainer who has travelled Asia to train organisations in leadership and to empower people with leadership and influence skills. As per our usual community meet, we discussed the challenges faced when trying to influence change in our workplaces and found that influencing was especially difficult when we are not put in a formal position of influence or power. Francis…continue reading →

2nd May TCOP Meet Up: Use of Technology in Classroom(s) with Limited Resources

Technology is ever changing. It is quickly evolving and impacting almost every facet of our lives. It helps us get things done quicker, it helps us get tasks done more easily, and it helps us be more efficient individuals. If technology helps increase our productivity and efficiency, then the question is: Why aren’t we tapping on to our students’ love of gadgetry and games to engage them in learning? Why isn’t technology widely used and incorporated in our classrooms? Why is technology always left outside the school gate? To our fellow Malaysian educators,…continue reading →

4th April TCOP Meet Up: How To Inspire Change In Your Workplace?

We are having our next Teacher’s Community meet really soon! This month, we will be inviting a guest speaker to discuss and share with us on the topic of inspiring change in your workplace, like how do we actually inspire change when you are not in a formal position of influence? How do we spark change now, right where we are? In our next meet up, in addition to our regular problem solving session, we have a special speaker who will be with us. Francis Jee is an experienced trainer who has travelled…continue reading →

7th March TCOP Meet Up: Creating Classroom Culture

Our Teacher's Community of Practice meeting has been really exciting! As a follow up to the past 3 community meet ups, we noticed that one of the biggest challenge educators face in their classroom is classroom management. Like, how do we manage our classroom? How do we create a culture and actually maintain the culture throughout the academic year? In our next meet up, we will be addressing some of these issues... Here are the details: Date: March 7th, 2015 Day: Saturday Time: 10am-1pm Venue: Unit 2, Level 6, Block 2, VSQ @ PJ City…continue reading →

7th February TCOP Meet Up: Creating Lesson Plans for Demotivated Students

Our next community of practice meet up is happening soon! Date: February 7th, 2015 Day: Saturday Time: 10am-1pm Venue: Unit 2, Level 6, Block 2, VSQ @ PJ City Centre, Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya. Theme: Creating Lesson Plans for Demotivated Students As a follow up to last month's meet up on 'How do we improve student participation in class?', this month's meet up will bring teachers to a more hands on session to create fun and exciting lesson plans together. So to all the teachers out there, come join us and put on…continue reading →

TCOP January 2015: How Do We Improve Student Participation in Class?

Hello Esteemed Teachers! Since December 2014, EduNation has pledged to gather a community of teachers every first Saturday of the month to share problems and find possible solutions on different topics relating to their classroom challenges. This is in hopes of supporting teachers in their teaching practice and to help them transform their classrooms in order to make the much-needed positive dent on the Malaysian education system. This month, as we start off the New Year when students are most likely to be in a daze, daydreaming and reminiscing about their amazing end…continue reading →