“For a student who never attended tuition, I needed something to help to answer exam questions and to complement what I’ve learnt in school. Knowing the subject matter is not enough to do well in SPM. By watching EduNation’s videos and attending the SPM Seminar, I learned how to better prepare for SPM and to answer questions well.

“The best part about these videos is that you can watch the topics weeks before it is being taught in school and more importantly, you could watch them repeatedly until it’s really in your brain (something you can’t do in school)!”

“If I have one advice for students who are sitting for SPM, it is to not be afraid of dreaming big and then working towards those dreams. I feel like it’s easy to get distracted by disappointment and failures in life but I think it’s important to remember who you truly are and who you want to be even in the face of adversity. ”

Vydhourie R.T Thiyageswara, a former student of SMK Convent Klang, is now pursuing her A-Levels. She scored 10A+ in SPM and was one of the Top 20 students in Malaysia. She hopes to pursue her degree in Mathematics at a university in the UK. She’s also an intern here at EduNation, helping us work on a new project.

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