On 4th April 2015, we had our 5th Teacher’s Community of Practice meet up discussing on the topic ‘How to Inspire Change in Your Workplace’. We were privileged to have Francis Jee, an experienced trainer who has travelled Asia to train organisations in leadership and to empower people with leadership and influence skills.

As per our usual community meet, we discussed the challenges faced when trying to influence change in our workplaces and found that influencing was especially difficult when we are not put in a formal position of influence or power. Francis Jee later shared with us some tips and tricks on influencing people.

In this video below, Safwan will attempt to summarize the discussion for the benefit of those who couldn’t make it for the event. The recording of Francis Jee’s session is also made available HERE.

If you think this has helped you, pay it forward by sharing this blog post with your friends and colleagues and do join us for our next Teacher’s Community of Practice meet up! For further information, updates, and to RSVP for the upcoming meet happening May 2nd, check out our online teacher’s community site: http://tcop.edunation.my/events

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