June 2015- Student discipline- are you kidding me?

“Disciplinary problems are rampant. It goes beyond the school walls and safety of our homes. The world is so connected, it may also allow victims of e-bullying susceptible anywhere and everywhere. The key is to address such issues formally, and with support from various stakeholders, we can build a better community- essentially, a safe learning environment for our children.” - The Edunation peeps 6 June, Petaling Jaya- We have gathered to speak about student discipline, which may seem more complicated than it is at the facade. The acts of rebellious may be a…continue reading →

May 2015- The art of getting-techy in classroom (despite having limited resources!)

“ Technology is advancing at the speed of light; it has impact every facet of our lives. It help us get things done more effectively. If technology exists to increase our efficiency output, why are we not tapping on our student’s love for gadgetry and games in learning?” - The Edunation peeps 2 May, Petaling Jaya- Fellow Malaysians, we hear you- loud and clear! Yes, weak infrastructure and lack of resources may be a hindrance to a fully functional digital learning experience, but there are ways around it! We are sure of it.…continue reading →