Accounts Admin Needed!

We are hiring an accounts admin! Roles and responsibilities: Handle full set of accounts with minimum supervision Perform general accounting data entry, payment processing, monthly ageing statement and account Administrative filing, updating and maintaining all accounting journals, ledgers and other records related to financial transactions Assist with other ad-hoc duties and daily operations of the office assigned Requirements: Minimum 1 year of working experience in the related field Fresh graduate is encouraged to apply Accuracy and detail oriented Proficiency in spoken and written English Excellent time management and organization skills. Ability to manage…continue reading →

Teachers Needed!

Teachers/Tutors for the following subjects: Biologi – Tingkatan 4 & 5 (in BM) Kimia – Tingkatan 4 & 5 (in BM) English – Form 1 – 3 Science – Form 2 & 3 (in English) Sejarah – Form 1 – 3 We invite passionate and enthusiastic teachers/tutors who want to make a difference in education in Malaysia to join us! Roles and Responsibilities: Develop lesson plans suitable for online video content Record and edit lessons using simple tools and technology. (Equipments and relevant training will be provided) Develop questions, including solutions, to support…continue reading →

“I watch the videos before class..”

"These videos help me understand a topic better. I watch the videos first before class and then again after my school teacher explain the topic. I love how the teacher at EduNation explains the topic in a detailed manner so I always have a greater understanding of a topic. I have only been getting A+ or As for my Ekonomi Asas and I owe it to EduNation's videos. The best part of it..I didn't have to spend any money on tuition! "I told my friends about EduNation and they loved it as well.…continue reading →

“The content on EduNation are simple yet complete..”

"The videos I used on EduNation are for the science subjects that I took. The videos specified the subjects by chapters and topics and this makes it easier to use as a platform for students to study. Using EduNation, subjects like Physics are easier for me to understand as the contents are simple yet complete. "I would recommend EduNation to young students out there who will be going through SPM this year. This is because EduNation worked on me so I guess it would work for other students as well. It would lighten…continue reading →

I used to fail Chemistry when I was in Form 4..

"I used EduNation's videos for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I also went for the SPM seminar at Brickfields Asia College. These videos helped me understand the subject especially for Chemistry since I used to fail it when I was in Form 4. The Seminar was also fun, especially for Physics and Chemistry and I got an A for Physics." "I recommend EduNation to SPM students, especially those who are active with co-curriculum activities at school and you might have to miss a few classes. EduNation can help you keep up-to-date with your subjects. I…continue reading →

“You can watch it repeatedly until you understand..”

"Firstly, I want to thank the teachers and everyone at EduNation Malaysia for creating such a wonderful website and free tuition for students like me. All your methods and simple notes was really useful, especially for Sejarah." "Because I'm in boarding school, I don't have much time to watch all the videos on EduNation. However, the two subjects that are difficult for me is Sejarah and Physics. I always get Cs or Ds in these subjects. But, thanks to watching EduNation videos, I finally got an A- for Physics." "I really recommend EduNation…continue reading →

“If you like playing online games…”

"The SPM seminar by EduNation was really helpful because it was full of tips from experienced teachers. They really help us to understand the crucial topics and techniques to answer questions. I think it's amazing that there are these efforts from companies like EduNation to help SPM candidates. The courses, teachers, videos and worksheets will be really helpful for those who want to get splendid results in SPM. "My advice for future SPM students is to finish all your homework and respect your teachers. In the end, if you work hard in your studies and…continue reading →

“Nota ringkas dan mudah difahami! Memang perghhh…”

"Saya rasa semua orang patut guna EduNation sebab ianya percuma dan berbaloi kerana pelajar tak perlu bayar walau hanya sesen pun! Cikgu dia pun best dan bagus!EduNation lagi bagus daripada pergi ke kelas tuisyen. Nota-nota yang diberi oleh EduNation semuanya ringkas dan mudah difahami! Memang perghhh..!!!" "Bagi saya, untuk para pelajar yang akan mengambil SPM tahun ini, ada beberapa perkara yang perlu anda ingat. Selalu buat yang terbaik, jangan kedekut dan selalu tolong orang lain yang memerlukan. Respect parents, cikgu, mentor dan member yang lain. Belajar bukan untuk A tapi untuk masa depan…continue reading →

“Malas nak pergi tuisyen tetapi…”

"Saya seorang pelajar yang malas nak pergi tuisyen dan lebih gemar belajar online di EduNation Malaysia. Untuk subjek Sejarah, saya pernah gagal pada awal tahun! Tapi, sekarang saya mendapat A dalam SPM. Terima kasih kepada Cikgu Saad (guru sejarah untuk SPM seminar di EduNation)! Cara Cikgu Saad ajar memang seronok. Terima kasih EduNation yang banyak membantu saya dalam pelajaran. "Video di EduNation mudah untuk difahami dan tidak bosan. Para pelajar boleh ulangkaji pada bila-bila masa dan boleh tengok video berulangkali. EduNation juga ada banyak latihan dan yang paling penting, semuanya free! "Strategi saya…continue reading →

Bengkel Blended Learning oleh EduNation Malaysia

Pada 6 Februari 2017, EduNation telah menjalankan bengkel Blended Learning bersama sekumpulan pelajar dan/atau sukarelawan NGO (ada doktor, ada yang pelajar genetik, ada pelajar bahasa German, ada pelajar pengajian islam, ada bakal akauntan, ada tutor dll) . Banyak benda yang ktorg(di EduNation) dapat belajar daripada peserta2 hari tu di samping berkeupayaan untuk berkongsi ilmu dengan diorg. Sesi dibahagikan kepada 3 bahagian; pengenalan kepada Blended Learning, aktiviti dalam kumpulan dan pembentangan serta sesi maklum balas. Sesi berlangsung selama 3 jam lebih tanpa rehat (ikutkan 4 jam tapi sesi mula lambat dan kena habis cepat).…continue reading →