ReChange_Ed – Students empowering students

Congratulations to the students in EduNation’s i-Teach programme in SMK Pendamaran Jaya for successfully organising ReChange_ed last Saturday! True to the values emphasised in the i-Teach peer coaching and soft skills training programme, these students aimed to educate their fellow schoolmates on the 13th Global Goal: Climate Action through this event, and we could definitely see them applying the soft skills learned. From ideating the event, engaging internal and external support, facilitating participant discussions and games, to conducting a post-mortem at the end of the event, these students ran the whole show with very minimal…continue reading →

Start studying early!

"Watching EduNation's videos gave me an introduction to certain topics and served as a guide. For me, EduNation is the perfect platform for all, especially if you don't go for tuition. Students can use EduNation to learn and follow up with what is being taught in school." "My best advice for students sitting for their SPM this year is to start studying early! Do more HOTS (higher order thinking skills) questions and revise as much as you can. Good luck! Arawinkumaar Selvakumar used our Mathematic, Science and Add Maths videos to score 3As and…continue reading →

“Understand a topic, instead of memorizing it”

“In school, the best I used to score for Chemistry is a ‘C’ and I never passed Accounts. Upon watching EduNation’s videos, I scored an A for Chemistry and a B+ for Accounts for SPM. I recommend EduNation to anyone sitting for major examinations as the content is well structured and if you’ve missed anything, you can replay and watch it again. With EduNation, you can study anytime and anywhere you want. “For SPM students, my best advice is to understand a topic instead of memorizing. If you face any difficulties answering questions,…continue reading →

“Aim for the stars” – Sarjeen’s Story

  “EduNation videos helped me to understand lessons in a creative manner. The SPM seminar was also beneficial as not only did I make new friends, but I also found an easier method to understand all the subjects. I recommend EduNation to all SPM students as it is filled with helpful tips and you can learn everything about a subject and save cost on tuition fees. My personal advice for SPM students is to study smart and don’t be shy to ask your teachers for help. Don’t give up. No matter who you…continue reading →

No teacher, no problem with EduNation!

Issabelle Voon from SMK Lutong in Miri Sarawak was the only candidate in her school to sit for Ekonomi Asas. She didn't have a teacher to guide her and struggled to understand the subject. Two months before SPM, she discovered EduNation Malaysia and started learning Ekonomi Asas from Cikgu Mahani's videos. When Issabelle received her results earlier this year, she proudly shared it with us and told us she obtained an A+ for Ekonomi Asas. This showed that although you don't have a teacher or anyone to guide you, you can still achieve…continue reading →

“By watching EduNation’s videos, I learned how to prepare for SPM”

    “For a student who never attended tuition, I needed something to help to answer exam questions and to complement what I've learnt in school. Knowing the subject matter is not enough to do well in SPM. By watching EduNation’s videos and attending the SPM Seminar, I learned how to better prepare for SPM and to answer questions well. “The best part about these videos is that you can watch the topics weeks before it is being taught in school and more importantly, you could watch them repeatedly until it's really in…continue reading →

“For students who cannot afford tuition, you should watch EduNation”

“When I was Form Four, I missed out on several chapters as I was moving to a different school. Watching EduNation’s videos helped me to cover all the content I’ve missed and catch up with what is going on in class. I also watched the SPM Seminar online and this helped me to learn tips and techniques to answer questions. “For students who cannot afford to go for tuition, you should watch EduNation as you can watch it all for free and even download notes. I think students should take advantage of this…continue reading →

June 2015- Student discipline- are you kidding me?

“Disciplinary problems are rampant. It goes beyond the school walls and safety of our homes. The world is so connected, it may also allow victims of e-bullying susceptible anywhere and everywhere. The key is to address such issues formally, and with support from various stakeholders, we can build a better community- essentially, a safe learning environment for our children.” - The Edunation peeps 6 June, Petaling Jaya- We have gathered to speak about student discipline, which may seem more complicated than it is at the facade. The acts of rebellious may be a…continue reading →

May 2015- The art of getting-techy in classroom (despite having limited resources!)

“ Technology is advancing at the speed of light; it has impact every facet of our lives. It help us get things done more effectively. If technology exists to increase our efficiency output, why are we not tapping on our student’s love for gadgetry and games in learning?” - The Edunation peeps 2 May, Petaling Jaya- Fellow Malaysians, we hear you- loud and clear! Yes, weak infrastructure and lack of resources may be a hindrance to a fully functional digital learning experience, but there are ways around it! We are sure of it.…continue reading →

TCOP April 2015: How to Inspire Change in Your Workplace

On 4th April 2015, we had our 5th Teacher's Community of Practice meet up discussing on the topic 'How to Inspire Change in Your Workplace'. We were privileged to have Francis Jee, an experienced trainer who has travelled Asia to train organisations in leadership and to empower people with leadership and influence skills. As per our usual community meet, we discussed the challenges faced when trying to influence change in our workplaces and found that influencing was especially difficult when we are not put in a formal position of influence or power. Francis…continue reading →